That word has been on the tip of my tongue lately. I’m not sure if it’s a muse-type thing or just due to the fact that sometimes I get obsessed with words that just hit a certain spot of my soul.

It’s just the only word I can think of to describe the pre-epiphany buzz–that feeling you get when you’re on the edge of discovering something great. Whether it’s in you, or a part of you coming to the world through channels of creativity, there’s nothing more euphoric than sheer inspiration.

I feel that way lately, nearly all the time. I am on this quest for self-enlightenment that I’ll just call my twenties. I’m looking for answers, or at least facets of answers, for facets of myself–for joy, love, and euphoria. As a result, I am constantly anticipating discovery. Always on the edge of my seat in love and faith and creativity. I am on a quest I couldn’t imagine myself NOT being on, and what I love about it is how thrilling, how unknown, how untamable, and how effervescent that journey is.

-Dani Nicole

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