She Said, She Said…The Pitfalls of a Writer’s Lunch

She Said, She Said… posts are actual conversations taken place via instant messenger between authors. All names have been changed to protect identities, keep us out of trouble, and otherwise clear our names.

[On skipping lunch to finish up flash fiction]

Paige Duke: I’ll figure something out

Paige Duke: I don’t like skipping lunch

Dani Nicole: Sounds like a poem

Dani Nicole: Skipping Lunch

Dani Nicole: By PD

Dani Nicole: It was a hungry day

Dani Nicole: But I was typing away

Dani Nicole: On my computer while the cafeteria glistened

Paige Duke: And friends call me out to play

Paige Duke: lol

Dani Nicole: Laughter swelled from the underground smells

Dani Nicole: Until my stomach rumbled

Dani Nicole: And my typing fingers fumbled

Dani Nicole: Go away hunger pains

Dani Nicole: I’ve got $hit to write

Dani Nicole: Go away hunger pains

Dani Nicole: I’ll feed you tonight.

Dani Nicole: -PD

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