She Said, She Said… You Are What You Write

She Said, She Said… posts are actual conversations taken place via instant messenger between authors. All names have been changed to protect identities, keep us out of trouble, and otherwise clear our names.

[On deciding what to share with a co-ed writing group]

Paige Duke: Do you have anything ready from your novel?

Dani Nicole: Yeah, but the first chapter is really romantical.

Dani Nicole: And after my last Vortex of Love short making me sound like an overly romantic 14-year-old girl…

Dani Nicole: I have Luther… that short story I was working on forever.

Dani Nicole: But it’s also romantic.

Dani Nicole: -_-

Paige Duke: Ohhh

Paige Duke: Well maybe you just need to own up to the fact that you write romance.

Paige Duke: It’s good.

Paige Duke: And the boys will be totally fine with it.

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