Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to The Paige Duke! She is thirty and flirty and thriving today.

30 things I love about Paige:

1. She loves coffee like I love coffee.

2. Fellow HP nerd.

3. I can talk about writing all day.

4. I can talk about boys all day.

5. We both get excited about words.

6. She’s an editor too.

7. I can text her pretty much any time of the day.

8. I can ask her about em and en dashes, the reason for their existence and the cause behind the torture that is known as deciphering their use. (No serial comma here 😉 )

9. She will read anything I write.

10. She will let me read anything she writes.

11. She is in my writing group!

12. She is fashionable.

13. She has a “hot husband.” (These are not my words.)

14. She has the world’s most adorable daughter.

15. She lets me babysit.

16. Her daughter likes Play-doh as much as I do.

17. Her daughter likes Hello Kitty as much as I do.

18. Did I mention coffee?

19. We both love chocolate.

20. Turtles!

21. She doesn’t judge me for eating a bunch of white chocolate pretzels.

22. She cheered me on as I dieted and lost weight.

23. She reminds me that I don’t have to do life alone!

24. She always asks me how I’m doing.

25. She always wants to talk to me.

26. She is a wonderful mother.

27. She is a wonderful wife.

28. Look up grace in the dictionary. Her picture is there.

29. She tells me I’m pretty/skinny/talented/smart when I need to hear it.



-Dani Nicole

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