She Said, She Said… Dots of Doom

She Said, She Said… posts are actual conversations taken place via instant messenger between authors. All names have been changed to protect identities, keep us out of trouble, and otherwise clear our names.

[On Paige using the dots of doom in her edits on Dani’s short story]

Dani Nicole: Back to feedback on your edits, you used the DOTS OF DOOM
Dani Nicole: You were like here’s a suggestion………………………..
Paige Duke: What?
Dani Nicole: Dun dun dun
Dani Nicole: Have I not told you about the Dots of Doom?
Paige Duke: No
Dani Nicole: I hate when people use …
Dani Nicole: Because I feel like something is implied
Dani Nicole: Or it’s like sarcasm
Dani Nicole: You’re pretty…
Paige Duke: Ohh yeah, I know that part. Sorry I forgot
Dani Nicole: lol
Dani Nicole: It’s ok I’m just giving you a hard time…
Paige Duke: Trying to soften the blow
Dani Nicole: lol
Paige Duke: I’ll try to be more sensitive about that in future
Paige Duke: I’m gonna start sending you all the sanctioned dots of doom now. Starting with this one
Dani Nicole: That makes me think it’s not connecting
Dani Nicole: “Connecting”
Dani Nicole: Connecting…
Paige Duke:
Dani Nicole: Contradicting the thumbs up
Dani Nicole: It doesn’t want you to type a message
Paige Duke: Why you gotta be such a cynic? It’s a universal nicety
Dani Nicole: No it’s not
Dani Nicole: It means something is left out
Dani Nicole: Ellipsis
Paige Duke: In prose
Dani Nicole: So it’s up to the reader to FILL IN THE BLANK


Cast your vote now. Where do you land on the great ellipsis debate?

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