Dani Nicole

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Photo by Sharon Ellman

Dani Nicole started writing once she learned how to read, typing up three- to five-page stories about everything from bunny rabbits to boyfriends. In middle school she ventured out of her short-story safety zone and began exploring poetry. All throughout high school and college she was an avid poet, sharing her work with anyone who would read it. After graduating, Dani realized her dreams of becoming a writer hadn’t died along with the imaginary friends from her childhood. She began to write young adult novels, and she is currently working on her second novel, intending to pursue publication. She is part of two writing groups that foster her need for growth as an author and feed her coffee addiction. When she isn’t writing, she’s often lying awake at night thinking about plot twists, buying too many books at Barnes & Noble, pretending she can sing like Adele or staying up until 2 a.m. lost in conversation. Dani Nicole’s fiction and poetry has been published at The Magill Review, eskimopie.net, Typehouse Literary Magazine, Strong Verse and Forever Onward! Review. For a complete portfolio and more information, visit her website.

2 thoughts on “Dani Nicole

  1. robakers


    Just found you from the Magill Review. With your permission, I would like to snoop around and follow your work. I guess I should ask Paige for her permission as well, ha ha.

    rob akers

    1. passtheprose Post author

      Feel free to read our blog! We both love to share our work. You can look for flash fiction every Friday, and several additional posts per month. Glad to have you here and thanks for stopping by!


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